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Muhammad Mater
3 min readJun 3, 2023

Hamada Elbes is a wanted cyber criminal. Can you find him?

Flag: 0xL4ugh{Country_City_ip_of_the_evidence}

How to solve:

We have the name of the hacker: Hamada Elbes.

Let’s start by searching on Google for Hamada Elbes, but we don’t find anything useful. So, let’s try searching on social media platforms.

We found a Facebook link, but it doesn’t seem to be useful. Let’s continue searching by name on other social media platforms.

On Reddit:

We found some users, but none of them is Hamada Elbes. Let’s try Twitter.

Someone claims to be the best hacker in Egypt, but we know that the best hacker in Egypt is Mohamed Mater. So, it seems like this person is lying. hhh

If we investigate this person’s Twitter account further:

Now, let’s check the following:

  • Following
  • Followers
  • Tweets and replies
  • Media and likes
  • View the account using an archive machine

We have another hint:

💡 Hint:

Hahaha, finally, I am a hacker now. I could hack the camera in my street, and we have a photo.

We can use an image search engine or reverse search the photo.

Try again

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any matches by using other search engines.

i got nothing

Let’s go back to the hint. He is @Hacker From Egypt

and he could hack the camera in his street

okay so ?

he hacked a camera and he want an ip in the flag

if he wants camera ip this mean the camera is a Public Cam and

He told us he is from EGYPT

let’s search about public camera in EGYPT

If he wants the camera’s IP, it means that the camera is a public cam. He also mentioned he is from Egypt.

Let’s search for public cameras in Egypt.

The first result looks promising.

We’re on the right track!

Let’s check the camera:

[View Defeway camera in Egypt, Suez]


When clicking on the photo, we get the IP of the camera and a login panel.

The flag syntax is {Country_City_ip_of_the_evidence}, so the flag will be: 0xL4ugh{Egypt_Suez_IP-of-the-camera}.




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