Osint Challenge (Plain sight)

Muhammad Mater
3 min readOct 25, 2023

Challenge info :

The dean of Vilnius University Kaunas faculty hid the flag in plain sight. Find him and you will find the flag.

Let’s Go

we have a person now who is The Dean of Vilnius University Kaunas faculty

we will search about the Vilnius University Kaunas faculty on google

I found this


Every University has a page for professors and Admins

After many clicks, I found this

The Page of Administration

or you can search by Google and you will get it

okay now we have the dean

we have a person called Kęstutis Driaunys

let’s do some osint about him

using google Dorking :

Kestutis Driaunys site:facebook.com | site:linkedin.com | site:twitter.com

I created this methodology for now.

found LinkedIn account

after checking it no hints

let’s check another result

found the page of the university and mentioned to DEAN (Kestutis)

found the page of the university and mentioned to DEAN

got the FB account

and look :


okay let’s take a look at other social media platforms

like Twitter and the other


let’s go back to the photo

i do some research many hours researching about this

my idea is to search about the photo in many image search engines to know what kind of encode or sample it

finally found it and it’s called Wingdings Font

and look out it’s have 3 version

read about it


let’s decode it

okay it work let’s finish it

The final result :

result of decode :


what is this

let’s analyze it

Base 64 encode

let’s decode



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